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casey & Henry

“The summer between our Sophomore and Junior year of college, Henry and I signed up for a Study Abroad program in London, England with TCU. We had completed three out of the five weeks of our trip when we decided to take a weekend trip to Interlaken, Switzerland. While we were there, Henry and I decided to rent a Vespa to check out some stunning waterfalls. On our way back from the waterfalls, a driver was not paying attention on the road and hit Henry and I. I suffered a compound fracture of my right leg, fractured my right elbow, broke my pelvic bone and two vertebrae in my back. Henry tore his rotator cuff, had cuts and glass in his right arm from the broken mirrors on the Vespa, broke his pelvic bone, and a muscle tore off from his hip that he had to have sown back in immediately when we arrived to the hospital.”

“After Henry received some treatment, he knew he had to find me. He had a cop car drive him to Bern and he was there when I woke up from my first surgery. I had to have another surgery to reconstruct my leg a few days later and to repair my right elbow. I spent three weeks in the hospital in Switzerland until they allowed me to make the trip home. Henry and I had only been dating six months at this point, and it was a true test of our relationship. We knew that no matter what happened between us, that this event would bond us for life.”