the nest at ruth farms

courtney & Jon

This wedding embodies a garden I imagine Courtney explored as a young girl, dreaming of the day her prince would be led down the path and permitted access to the beauty she allowed be built within her. Jon is the one granted the honor of stewarding her heart and I watched him take the task so reverently—his admiration for Courtney so tender and honest, the evidence of a strong and able groom. Having held my own honor of documenting this lavish love story, I find Courtney's revelation of love strikingly close to my heart for marriage—a marriage designed in the original garden of Eden and a marriage I know they will walk out together with the Lord. The Maid of Honor, Manager of this family's venue, and my dear friend could not have put it more eloquently when she said in her speech, "Courtney, this is the garden of your heart and you have opened it up for all of us to experience and celebrate in today." I can say I have never experienced a wedding so prophetic of Heaven and representative of lavish, divine love. The room could not hold every detail bursting from their newly married hearts.

As originally seen in Martha Stewart Weddings