the nest at ruth farms

hannah & skyler

When I recount Hannah & Skyler's story, I recall floating from one reverent, weighty moment to the next. From the time Hannah's mother helped her into the dress, I felt the magnitude of the day fall as she declared over her daughter, "Even when you don't feel like you can love him, you'll be able to because you've got generations of women who have prayed for you to be filled with unconditional love for him." Again, as the two took communion, their officiant recounted Jesus' death with tears in his eyes and I found myself gripped with the same passion thinking, "that's my Jesus." By the time we began their portraits, I think we all could of drifted off into another world, overwhelmed by the blissful day behind us. I watched Hannah & Skyler dance together, saturated with endless amounts of love spilled out on them throughout the day. I couldn't help but dance in it myself and when it was time to go home, I knew their story would always be woven into mine somehow.