mcalister-leftwich "fly away with me"

This editorial tells the story of two, unrestrained by the chaos around them, eager to fly away together with one intention: unity. This intimate elopement unfolds in the heart of the McAlister-Leftwich home—an estate owned by the bride’s grandparents, a haven she would escape to as a girl, dreaming each long day away from the grand porch. A decade later, the young bride received the estate as an inheritance—an unexpected and moving gift. A year passed and her heart longed to move there, though the moment never felt quite right. Until she met him. It was instant, certain love. Time was irrelevant to them, though the time was grave. In the midst of civil wartime, the couple hardly hesitated to take off together like a pair of doves, retreating to her beloved home in the south to nestle there together. Some would say it wasn’t proper, wasn’t enough time or the right time. It didn’t matter though. It felt quite right to her. So they wed.