meet the artist

A Legacy

of creativity

1959 marked the union of an Architect and an English Teacher. Summers spent with Nana exploring art museums, discussing English literature, and unpacking life cultivated a heart for humanity within their eager granddaughter. Because of this union, I now carry a legacy to build atmospheres through my words where unity flourishes. My vision draws from the past to bring depth and light to the future—your future immersed with tender moments like this one where covenant releases unique gifts to the generations after you.

This is only the start of it all.


dreams of

backpacking france
publishing a fairytale
living in a tiny home
building a wedding venue
& couple's retreat space
setting hearts free to live fully

architect of atmospheres  •  light seeker  •  student of love

lover of jesus  •  bride of light  •  princess of peace

based in texas

destination wedding photographer

My heart beats to see marriages start and sustain a story greater than ourselves. I believe love prevails and I believe in you—the choice you've made to enter into covenant. It's with the same commitment and adoration you've given yourself to the one, that I give myself to serving you in this joyful and sacred journey. What an honor it is to hold your hearts—to tell your story through artful, intentional imagery, to travel alongside you in the greatest adventure of life—learning to love.

a few of my favorite things

in love with


princess diana 

in love with


sezane clothing

in love with


classic black & whites

in love with


colorado mountains

in love with


writing poetry

in love with


interior design

She treasured up all these things,
pondering them in her heart.

amanda lane's work

Amanda’s work is effortless, romantic, light-filled, and evoking. Inspired by classical eras, architecture and dance, Amanda finds joy in bridging old world aesthetic with contemporary design to create fresh, yet timeless imagery.

is your heart coming alive?
let's dream.

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"Amanda was the best decision we made for our wedding, hands down. From day one, she was our biggest cheerleader. Amanda is one of the sweetest people who you can tell truly cares about each and every couple's individual story. She listens with her heart and has such a calming presence which made all the difference. On the wedding day, she was truly my rock throughout all of the chaos that morning."

-nicolette b.

"As a person Amanda is the SWEETEST, most accommodating, happy and kind professional. She was over the top amazing and made me feel like an absolute princess. I can quite literally say that I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life."

-emily n.

"My vision was carried out and captured so beautifully. Even after the wedding she has continued to encourage us as we have posted the pictures on social media and around our home. Amanda GENUINELY cares for those she photographs, and that is obvious from the moment you sit down with her."

-payton l.