backyard elopement

nicolette & roger

Relationships are not built instantly while neither is a marriage truly established in a single day. Walking with Nicolette & Roger through the journey towards their wedding allowed us to connect and develop a bond I will forever cherish. It's as if they took a chisel and etched their names on my heart. When I look at them, I see grace and patience displayed with pure joy. There's not a moment Nicolette isn't smiling big and Roger reflecting back the same authentic appreciation for life and all the people they meet together. Their love extends beyond each other and billows out into the room around them, stretched to honor their family and selflessly serve so many. In a way, I believe their scaled back wedding was a gift to them—to shift the focus from loving all their guests to simply enjoying each other in the context of an intimate gathering. It was truly stunning—every detail reflective of their simple, yet grand love.