Welcome to my heart.

This is my home filled with sensitivities and dreams of a realm I imagine to be brighter and lighter than this one, where love surrounds and frees these souls we carry.

How ethereal it seems, yet I find it woven in the realist moments, in honest hearts, in the littlest treasures and curiosities of life.

I see Heaven all around me when I still myself to listen. I find God feels even more deeply than I do—and I love him each time I realize it.

I am learning to dance, to trust, to love, to create the world I see so you, too, can share in its peace.

You'll find me in the light, by the water free and alive—simply human, simply little me.

lover of mystery  •  dreamer  •  believer in a world beyond this one

soft-spoken  •  old soul  •  romantic at heart

I remember the very first wedding I helped photograph. The DJ played “Don’t Stop Believin'” as the last song and had all the guests circle around the couple to sing them off. My body was worn ragged from the full day of shooting, but my soul was moved in that moment watching this couple surrounded by all the people they loved who loved them singing their hearts out together. They were sweaty, make up worn out, in a dark, disheveled room, but they didn’t care. It wasn’t about the pretty dress anymore. It was the pinnacle of all the stories they shared with those in that room, nostalgic love turning its page to a new story they would write together. And the page lingered right there in the air, in that present moment where everyone was all at once, all together and never again in the same way. I captured that. I remember thinking in that moment, “I want to do this the rest of my life.”

& what matters most

of how it began

8 years later, the DJ plays “Don’t Stop Believin'” again as the final song and I watch my bride pull all her people onto the dance floor to sing their hearts out. I cry. I smile. Because you can travel the world, photograph beautiful models in the south of France and then be reminded again and again why you’ve done this for all these years.

Someone asked me recently if I ever get tired of shooting weddings, if they all start to feel the same. Without thinking I said, “No, because the people change.” I’m not sure if I’ll do this my WHOLE life, but I do know I’ll always love the people God entrusts me with and I’ll always see fragments of Heaven reflected in marriage here on earth. What a gift and a dream I get to live.

I am so thankful.

the creative process

My creative process is rooted in sensitivity—intuitively knowing when to step in to guide a moment or how to melt into an experience without obstructing it. Often, my approach is in finding a quiet place to lead you into the light, to initiate a moment and then stepping back to let the rest unfold—weaving in to make slight adjustments or to guide you along as it makes sense.

When I’m quiet, often creativity is speaking. It’s a dance we learn together—an ebb and flow of connection. My hope is to create a safe space where you feel at ease & peace within yourself, knowing you can trust me to see to everything else.

artful approach

Travel alongside me as I share life updates, personal musings, secret projects & exclusive early access to new fine art collections.

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