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for the one 

My heart creates for the one. The one who will linger here long enough to unlock the hidden piece below. She's the one my soul is akin—a lover of secrets and allusions, adopting them as her own, exploring them with child-like wonder. She's unique because she believes—in magic, in the unseen, in real love, and in mysteries. She's the one who's chosen the one and knows it with every bit of her being. 

dallas, texas

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With a love for travel, I've found myself most alive, open, and creative in destinations built on history. The rich detail and resolute stones of a French chateau provide the scene for fresh love to paint its own story. There is a sense of stability in these old worlds, when infused with light—become an impenetrable birthplace for covenant. What better world to begin a fairytale than in a grand fortress, a lavish palace once home to royalty—now home to your story.

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your story

As a naturally detail-oriented creative, my heart often admires the intention behind subtle touches and quiet moments which seem to slip by unobserved. Whether it be the most delicate flower peeking through your bouquet, or the split second he leans over to whisper "I love you," I find these details add an imperative layer of richness to the history you two have built. In this one of a kind experience, I hope to hear your story fully and to emphasize the details which make you truly one of a kind. 

is your heart coming alive?
let's dream.

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Connection is paramount in my creative process. Throughout your experience with me, I hope to uncover the nuances of your story and explore your heart. I believe one of the greatest art forms is the art of connection—to our hearts and to each other. It's in our humanity where creativity has the greatest space to explore and unravel itself.  This is where I hope to start our journey, in first hearing yours—how you got here, all the details, and when you knew they were the one. 

the art of connection


to expect

I'd love to hear your story and vision for your wedding day, along with your questions for me. During this call, my hope is to connect with you and understand if we're a fit. I'll collect some logistical details from you at this point to curate a custom proposal based on your desires and your day.

initial inquiry phone call

After our call, I'll send a custom proposal and recommended photography timeline for you to review and discuss with your fiancé! 

custom proposal & timeline

To secure your date on my calendar, a 50% non-refundable deposit and a signed contract is required.

booking your date

Email me at amanda@amandalanephoto.com
to book.

Once booked, I'll begin communicating with you, your planner, and key vendors to grasp a full understanding of the aesthetic and logistics of the day. We'll solidify your wedding day timeline and formulate your family formal list as a team.

wedding day preparation

Upon booking, you'll receive the Engagement Experience Guide curated alongside Bloom House Styling to empower you with choosing a meaningful location, flattering outfits, and an overarching aesthetic that tells your story & highlights your personal style well. 

engagement session planning

Spend anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes enjoying moments with your fiancé and savoring your engagement season together. We'll work to find the angles you like best and you'll leave feeling confident for portraits on your wedding day. Plan on enjoying the rest of your day out together after your session with recommended date ideas found in your guide.

engagement session

Breathe, relax, and simply step into love. We've done all the communication ahead of time so your day can be seamless and stress free. My hope is to encourage you to be present as I experience the day alongside you—capturing all the moments as they unfold.

You’ll receive your gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding day.

wedding day

Select your favorites and I'll layout the story of your day. After revisions and final approval, your story will be sent to print!

You can expect your album to arrive up to a month after final approval.

wedding album creation

The culmination of the Wedding Experience leaves you with a refined and light-filled story you'll have the joy in retelling to your babies and grand babies one day. 

wedding album delivery



Wedding Experience



of light

She's eager for adventure

whether to an abandoned castle in Ireland or to grab a late night treat 5 minutes down the road.

she's an advocate for the arts

in all aspects of her life, designing her home around the pieces she's carefully collected & building her wedding with aesthetics in mind.

she's intentional to express love

writing letters, gifting random hugs, & often sacrificing sleep to go just a little deeper in conversation.

she's an old soul with wide eyes

dreaming of what it would've been like to live in her favorite era, to live in a simpler time.

she's a lover of light

seeking the sunny spot to sit and soak in the rays. This is where she is most alive, & this is where she radiates—in the light.

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style guides

a collaboration with bloom house styling 

Exclusive guides created alongside stylist, Alexa Dunnigan with Bloom House Styling for Amanda Lane's couples. Effortlessly navigate designing a cohesive engagement session with guidance in location, outfit, and season choices. Find you in your bridal style and mindset for the wedding day.

is your heart coming alive?
let's dream.

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